3D Scanning Pricing: (Pricing in Development)

Can create 3D Virtual Tours, Point Clouds, and Preliminary Floor Plans



Setup Fee:                       – 100 $

Less than 1000sqft           – 15 cents a sqft.

Less than 5000sqft           – 12 cents a sqft.

Less than 20,000sqft        – 10 cents a sqft.

For spaces greater than 20,000sqft please contact for quote

Example of What is Included in a Scan:

Optional Services:

Black & white floor plan with Dimensions:

-Around 2% accuracy

-Less than 3,000sqft. costs 35$

-Costs 10% of sqft. after 3,000sqft. ~ add 1 to sqft. cent after 5000sqft

Example Preliminary Floor Plan


Point cloud:

-Less than 5,000sqft. costs 60$

-Costs 10% of sqft. after 5,000sqft. ~ add 1 to sqft. cent after 5000sqft

Example Point Cloud

point cloud altura.png


-Free for Canyon and Amarillo

-1.50$ a mile

Holding an Active Space:

Free first 3 months

10$ a month

Spaces can be placed in archive for later use(no monthly up keep)

Spaces can be taken out of archive with a continuation payment of 10$ a month to occupy an active model space

(No Scanning outdoors unless previously discussed (360 photos can be taken outdoors)