3D Scanning

The engineers of HCE are taking a step into the future by offering the service to create a 3D scan of an existing building with a 1:1 size ratio to the real jobsite. Having a digital scan allows for easier communication by allowing everyone to see the job no matter the distance. The 3D scan of the building also makes it easier for architects and engineers in CAD software by creating an point cloud and preliminary floor plan.

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Our engineers have experience with a wide variety of equipment and systems and are very familiar with fresh air and humidity requirements for proper indoor air quality. With in-depth knowledge of the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, refrigeration systems, and code requirements, our engineers design systems that will be the most economical to our clients.



From lighting, power, and control systems to panels, switches, and overcurrent protection, HCE engineers can meet all of your electrical engineering needs. We design and develop new electrical systems, while focusing on efficiency and affordability.



HCE engineers can design the hot and cold water systems for commercial buildings, assure waste drains away from your building, and ensure that every hydro-related design is as efficient as possible. We will identify the materials to be used for the plumbing system to ensure it will last years into the building’s life.